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A wide range of digital seminars from data network professionals

Get practical knowledge directly from our experts in our new EFB webinars - and completely free of charge. We have put together a diverse, digital seminar program on various topics and for different target groups. Quench your thirst for knowledge despite contact and visit restrictions: Whether in the office or at home.

We present these webinars at EFB CONNECT:

Into the future with Cat.8?

With Cat.8 lines, transmission speeds of up to 40 Gbit/s are possible. In this webinar, we ask ourselves why Cat.8 should be used instead of fiber optics in the LAN or network. In this webinar, our product expert will introduce you to the possibilities for a Cat.8 transmission route: We will focus on a classic channel link and a Direct Connect route, i.e. an end-to-end link. Find out not only how routes are constructed, but also which patch cables, laying cables and keystones may be used according to ISO/IEC, which permanent link length must be adhered to and how many plug connections may be available. In addition, we dedicate ourselves to the topic of what transmission power a Cat.8 track can achieve and clarify whether a mixed match is possible when selecting the components. Interesting for customers, installers and operators: Can Cat.8 routes and channel links be certified? Product expert Jan Behrend provides information on possibilities and implementation. Finally, we take a critical look at concrete application scenarios: What can already be implemented now and what will be possible in the future? Look forward to an exciting webinar with the critical examination of the Standard Cat.8.


EFB Server - High quality server cabinets for data centers

Do you already know our new 19“ cabinet series, the EFB-SERVER? If not, then you can find out everything about this enclosure series, which is specially designed for use in data center environments.
As a system manufacturer and distributor for components of structured building cabling, EFB-Elektronik GmbH has been represented on the market for over 30 years. This is associated with many years of experience not only for passive and active network components, but also for IT housing systems of all kinds. Although the EFB-SERVER cabinet series is only a relatively small part of EFB‘s entire IT cabinet program, its special features make it possible to meet all the requirements that apply today in modern data centers. In addition to the usual standard features, the system is characterized by individual finishing options in order to meet even the most difficult specifications.


MTP® cabling from A to Z

Especially in data centers, it is important to transfer high data rates quickly and securely – preferably in the smallest possible area. The MTP ® (Multi Termination Plug) connectors offer exactly this: With their SFF (Small Form Factor) design, they achieve the highest possible packing density and at the same time on the smallest surface. Learn more about MTP® connectors and cables from our product expert Jan Behrend in this webinar. We clarify the question of why female and male connectors are available and what role MTP® couplings play in this. In addition, we go into the most common MTP® codes, type (1 : 1) and type B (crossover), and teach you what 8- and 12-fiber MTP® assemblies are all about. Let‘s build an exemplary MTP® channel with LC connectors together. The lecturer explains how to structure this space-saving fiber optic installation and embed it in the cabling system.


Type C most wanted

We use our USB cables on our smartphones, laptops, PCs, printers and other devices without thinking about what is in them: After all, not only can data be transferred and devices connected, it can also be used for power delivery. The first USB standard was developed in 1995 – although the USB 4.0 standard is on the market today for many further developments, the USB 2.0 standard is still the most frequently used variant. But to what extent do the variants differ? What is the plug variants type A, B or C all about? Which services are possible for data and power transmission? Our product expert Biniam Tesfamariam takes a look at the current state of development on the market together with you and dares to make a forecast for the near future. Let the professional explain more about USB, Thunderbolt and Alternate Mode and learn how the Type C can become a universal interface.


Remote Powering – 4 Pair Power over Ethernet

With the development of Power over Ethernet (PoE), it has become possible to transfer data and power supply via a single network cable. This represents a great saving of resources, especially for the further development of the IoT and the IIoT, because it significantly increases the bandwidth of network-capable devices. Product expert Eugen Ptoszek gives an insight into the world of the latest standard 4PPoE (IEEE 802.3bt) with an increase in electrical power up to 90W. The structured cabling is made even more interesting by 4PPoE for energy-intensive end devices such as notebooks, televisions or computers, but it is all the more important to observe rules and limitations. What special features there are and what you have to pay attention to will be explained to you in this webinar. We not only deal with the topics of Power Source Equipment (PSE) and Powered Devices (PD), but also consider cabling standards and defined line resistances. Ask yourself together with us the question whether the remote powering up to 90W really always works without problems.